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Metal Works

A large part of Saison’s production involves sheet metal. Hence the company has made large investments in automated machinery for metal working. The machines allow Saisons to manufacture parts with the most exacting specifications, even if the order quantity is small. As the machines are computer controlled, repeat accuracies and high speed of operations are assured.

Development of products is done by team of engineers using 2D & 3D models.

Saison has one of the most sophisticated machines for Punching, the Amada EM 2510. This machine has a press capacity of 20 tonnes. The machine accepts a sheet size of 1270mm x 5000mm.  The maximum sheet thickness is 3.2 mm and punching accuracy is ± 0.1mm.

For Bending operations, Saisons has an equally sophisticated set of machines, the Amada RG 50 and RG 80. The unique design of these machines reduces time-consuming setup procedures like tool alignment thus allowing rapid delivery of the job. The centrally located cylinder eliminates center opening, and ensures parallel beam deflection and uniform bends to maintain higher bending accuracy.

Capacity of the bending machines at Saisons ranges between 50 and 80 tonnes. The bending length ranges from 2085 mm to 2505 mm.

The facility also have MIG Wielding, TAG Wielding, Spot Wielding, Power Press, Press Insert & different drilling & Tapping stations to complete the job accurately.